A Message from CelesDolls

2021-08-31 19:29:08 [db:来源]

Dear loyal customers,We are proud to have been one of the few legitimate sex doll stores in a marketplace full of cheap, counterfeit sex dolls like the ones you find on eBay and Aliexpress. Our customers always came first. We only offered the highest quality sex dolls from top brands such as WM Dolls, Doll Forever, 6YE, and others at the lowest prices possible. Our mission was not to become rich, but to slowly remove the social stigma surrounding sex dolls and to bring happiness and companionship to lonely people in ways they never thought possible. For us, customer satisfaction was much more important than profit.It saddens us to inform you that a few days ago Shopify, the platform in which we built and hosted our website permanently terminated our account without warning for supposedly breaking their Terms of Service. To make things worse, they would not reveal how exactly we broke their ToS despite numerous attempts to reach them. After much thought, we have decided not to rebuild our store from scratch. Instead, we will be referring people to other trustworthy stores that won’t rip you off.We compiled a list of trustworthy sex doll vendors here: /trusted-sex-doll-websites/We have carefully vetted these stores, most of which were already vetted and approved by The Doll Forum (TDF), and chose the ones with the best selection, prices, and customer service.There are two ways to get ripped off:Buying a cheap, counterfeit/imitation doll from an untrustworthy vendor.Paying overpriced for the same, authentic doll you can find elsewhere for less.We spoke heavily with the vendors on our list, and can guarantee you will not get ripped off by them. They offer the highest quality, authentic dolls at the best prices in the marketplace. They also have exceptional customer support.As for us, we will not abandon our mission to spread positivity and knowledge about sex dolls. We will be converting our website into a content blog where we will regularly post news and interesting articles about sex dolls, as well as share guides and our expertise by answering any questions anyone has regarding sex dolls. Be sure to bookmark our new website for great content to come!Sincerely,Steven from CelesDollsNote: To our previous customers, you will still receive full customer service at steven@celesdolls.com.



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