5 Things You Can Do With a Sex Doll (Other than Sex)

2021-08-31 19:28:08 [db:来源]

As sex dolls becomeincreasingly popular in 2019, many peoplesecretly desire this attractive product for one purpose: sex.The doll’s beautiful face, large breasts, and perfect body all comes together to attractmenof all ages to take their masturbation to the next level- to experience the closest thing to having real sex without a real woman. And it’s true. Many men have claimed that having sex with a sex doll feels either the same or just as good as with a real woman. However, what’s stopping most people from simply buying a sex doll is.. price. How can one justify the hefty price tag (life-size sex dolls usually go for $1000-$2000) just to have sex with it? It’s simple once you realize there’s more to do with a sex doll than simply having sex with it.Despite the name “sex doll,” one of the top reasons people buy these dolls are not just for sex, but for companionship. Having a beautiful, life-size doll that looks and feels real is a dream come true for many men. Sex dolls are companions that won’t ever nag, complain, judge you, or cheat on you. Life is just simpler with a lovely doll by your side. If that isn’t enough to justify your doll purchase, today I present to you: 5 Interesting Things You Can Do With a Sex Doll:1. Sleeping & CuddlingIf you’re lonely in bed at night, then a sex doll is perfect for you. Her presence easily replicates a real woman, and her soft, life-like body is great for cuddling with. You can hug her, kiss her, caress her, and even watch movies with her by your side. You can wake up to a beautiful face every morning and kiss her on the forehead at night. Yes, a sex doll not only brings sexual pleasure, but companionship, and everyone can use more love in their life.2. PhotographySex dolls are amazing subjects for photography. Most higher priced dollshave incredibly realistic faces, as well as accurately proportioned bodies (including fantasy bodies if you’re into that). They can be posed in any position you desire since they have a metal skeleton underneath allowing you can move and position their joints. These joints lock in place andgives photographers a chance to practice their photography skills with a model that they have complete control over. If you’re planning to take photography of your doll, make sure you get a doll with the “Standing Feet” option for more posing options.3. Drawn and Digital ArtSimilarwith photography, sex dolls can bea great model for artists to draw and design with. These realisticallyproportioned dolls can help artists draw the human body without having to hirea model. Remember those art rooms where artistssit in a circle and draw anaked person in the center? Well, you don’t need a naked person because youhave a sex doll as your model. You can position your doll in any pose, allowingyou to draw and design very realistic drawings without an actual human model.The possibilities are endless. Sex dolls will definitely improve your artskills of drawing humans.4. Video-makingIf you’re creative, there’s tons of differentkinds of videos you can make with sex dolls. They can be used as props oractors in films. However, let’s talk about something ratherunique: Makingvideos of yourself having sex with a doll.Yes, you heard me right. This concept isactually becoming increasingly popular on porn video sites.DollLoveis a verified Pornhub content creator, who makes videos ofhimself having sex with various sex dolls and makes money off of it. His videoshave millions of views and he is only the start.WiassPlus,who has channels on multiple porn sites, is most known for having sex with a lifelike, anime sex doll, and he’s so popular, he has a website where he actually sells videos of himself having sex with his dolls. I don’t know how much he makes, but he is surprisingly popular in Japan.And of course, Doll Banger, the lovable, “doll porn guy” who not only bangs his dolls but has funny dialogues with them. His production value is so great that hundreds of people pay just to watch his videos.That is just the beginning. Just search for sexdoll videos on any porn video site and you’ll see hundreds of them, most withover 100k views. Hey, if you ever wantedto make moneybanging a sexdoll,now’s the best time to do it. You don’t even have to show your face.Or you can, of course, make videos of your dollwithout having sex with it.5. Dress-up Your DollRemember playing dress-up as a little kid? No? Well, you’ll be surprised how addictive it can be dressing up your own life-size doll. What you may not have gotten to experience when you were younger, you can now fully indulge in as an adult.It’s like customizing your female character in an online game.Whenyou buy a doll, it’s yours. You control what she wears, what she looks like, her personality, and her backstory. Therefore, you cannot simply leave her naked (well I guess you could), but remember, she’s all yours. You can dress her up however you want, and most men become obsessed over this ability to design their doll’s appearance. It’s so much fun finding clothes for your doll that you’ll forget she’s just a doll.In ConclusionTheseare just 5 things you can do withyour sex doll other than having sex with it. The possibilities are endless. I hopeyou enjoyed this article and maybe it helps justify your luxury doll purchaseand gives you more ideas of what else you can do with your doll.Got interesting ideas of what else you can dowith a sex doll? Be sure to comment below!



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