Sex Doll Shipping Times: How long does it take to arrive?

2021-08-31 19:19:08 [db:来源]

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this article is currently outdated. Dolls used to take around 2 weeks to arrive, but now they can take over 1 month to arrive. It ultimately depends on which brand you order from. Dollforever/DollHouse168/Piper Dolls usually take 2-3 weeks from order to delivery in the US, while WM takes 1-3 months. Other brands such as silicone doll brands can take 1-5 months. If you’re planning to buy a sex doll, you’ve probably read stories that they can take an entire month to arrive, especially when most of them come from China. Maybe you bought something from China before and it took forever to arrive.Nothing is worse than finding your dream sex doll, ordering her, and then waiting a month for her to arrive. Waiting is honestly the worst part of the whole process. But does it really take 1 month? As a former sex doll store owner, I can tell you it is much less! Most sex doll manufacturers do not use the painfully slow 1 month long China Post or sea freight options. They all use fast 1 week shipping with UPS, Fedex, or DHL.Dolls Shipping From Domestic WarehousesFirst, let’s talk about sex dolls that ship from domestic warehouses. Unlike international shipments, these will not have a long shipping time. Websites that stock sex dolls in their own warehouse will usually ship dolls domestically and it should arrive within 1 week after you order. There are many US and Canadian websites that do this. If you simply cannot wait to get your hands on a sex doll, look for websites that have dolls ready for delivery in domestic warehouses. The downsides is you won’t be able to customize your doll.Dolls Shipping From ChinaWhen you order a sex doll from a reputable website, it will 99% of the time ship directly from China. Why? Because nearly all sex doll manufacturers are based in China (with some exceptions like RealDoll). In order to customize your doll with different options such as skin color, breasts type, vagina type, etc., they need to be made-on-order from the factory. Therefore, in order to be cost-efficient, the finished doll will then ship directly from the Chinese factory to the customer to prevent multiple shipping costs.Production usually takes 1 week.When I owned a sex doll store in the past, I fulfilled orders for almost every top brand including WM Doll, Doll Forever, Piper Doll, AS Doll, and more. Production has almost always taken about a week no matter how busy the factory is.When WM Doll first released their 166C body, it was so popular that there was a waiting list and production would take 2-3 weeks. When I fulfilled a 166C WM Doll order in June 2019, the wait-list was already gone and they produced the doll in just 3 days! That goes to show how quickly a factory can produce a sex doll, but it is rarely that fast. On average, most sex dolls from every brand took about 1 week to produce.Shipping usually takes 1 week (US) or 2 weeks (EU).After production, the factory will ship the doll directly to the customer via Fedex, UPS, or DHL. If you live in the U.S., shipping will usually take 1 week. If you live in the EU, shipping usually takes 2 weeks. I am not certain about other countries such as Canada, Australia, etc., but I would assume it takes between 1-2 weeks.If you live in Europe, many websites will offer tax clearance for about $100 USD. Unlike the U.S., there are import fees and taxes when shipping into the EU (USA does not have these taxes), so rather than hassling the customer to pay these taxes at the time of import, manufacturers will usually pay these taxes for you by importing it into one of their EU warehouses, paying the fee, and then shipping it to the customer so that there’s no additional fees on the package.In ConclusionThere’s not need to wait 1 month for your sex doll to arrive anymore. We fulfilled many orders in the past (mainly from China to the U.S.), and the average time from order to delivery is 2 weeks. It’s usually longer in the EU due tax clearance, so EU customers can expect more of a 3-4 week wait. Ordering straight from a domestic warehouse will be the quickest (within 1 week) but you won’t be able to customize your doll this way.Overall, we recommend ordering from a trustworthy vendor, like the ones we mentioned on our home page. Most of them will ship your doll directly from China after they have been thoroughly inspected by the factory. In case you find problems with the doll, the vendors I recommend are all TDF-approved and vetted for exception customer service so you can rest easy knowing they will resolve any issues you have without having to send the doll back. Be sure to read their guarantees and return/refund policies.Questions? Feel free to comment below!



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