20 Aromatherapy Candles That’ll Make You Feel *Sup

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aromatherapy candlesKhadija Horton

Let’s be honest: There’s nothing like lighting a candle to really set the mood—especially if the said candle is an aromatherapy one. With so many different kinds out there, you'll surely find a votive that'll evoke whatever ~vibe~ you're aiming for—tranquil, energized, or even (with the right essential oil) frisky.

If you're wondering what is the difference between regular candles and aromatherapy candles, well, here's a simple answer: The latter contain wax infused with essential oils derived from herbs, rinds of plants, leaves, and bark that trigger the brain’s response to evoke certain feelings of relaxation, energy, or productivity. Basically, they’ll bring ultimate vibes of tranquility, helping you to take on your day, or really set the mood with your boo.

Intrigued? Good. We've rounded up some of the best aromatherapy candles that'll help turn your home into your own personal aromatic oasis. Scroll on through and get ready to experience allllll the feels (the good ones, at least).

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below1this floral and musky oneBrown Girl Jane Warm Cashmere Perfumed CandleBROWN GIRL JANE $58 AT NORDSTROM

You know that feeling when you put on your favorite pair of sweats? Cozy AF. That’s what this candle smells like with its warm rosey and musky scent.

2this fresh-smelling oneCANDLE NO. 2Follain $38 AT FOLLAIN

Fig is a natural aphrodisiac, so prepare to feel a certain way the moment you set this bb aflame.

3this travel-nostalgic oneTahitiBoheme $45 AT BOHEMEFRAGRANCES.COM

Miss traveling? Same. But good thing you can sorta replicate that wanderlust with this Tahiti-themed candle.

4CrystalBliss Aromatherapy CandleEmanateEssentials $27 AT ETSY

Attention all crystal lovers: This pick comes with a complimentary crystal to help you set your intentions as the delicious candle burns.

5this dark and woody oneSignature Charcoal CandleAPOTHEKE $38 AT NORDSTROM

Love a broody scent? Go for this one with notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and smoky amber.

6this daily setAM - PM Scented Candle Set (Set of 4)Brooklinen $53 AT BROOKLINEN

This set comes with four different scents perfectly themed for each part of your day—which is great for those who always have a candle burning (hi, me).

7this vanilla oneVanille Scented CandleDiptyque $68 AT NEIMAN MARCUS

Vanilla isn’t just a delightful scent, it’s also known to induce calmness and relieve anxiety—and we know we could all use a little more of that in these unprecedented times. This candle in particular also has a 60-hour burn time. Just think about how many cozy Netflix nights that is! 

8This Eucalyptus OneRosemary Eucalyptus - Office Classic CandleLAFCO $42 AT BLUE MERCURY

Good news: Eucalyptus can be used in your candles, too. The popular scent—which became a shower-hanging trend—can act as a decongestant to help you get through those brutal winter colds (you know the ones!). Also, a study found that inhaling eucalyptus made patients feel more relaxed. So, I'm just sayin', buy it.

9This soothing Lemongrass OneLemongrass Verbena and Sage CandleThreshold $5 AT TARGET

Before you ask, lemon and lemongrass are two completely different things. While the two do smell similar, lemongrass oil derives from grass and is a common ingredient in herbal teas for nausea. But, it’s more typically used to treat anxiety and headaches, as studies show that it may help.

10this jasmine one6.4 oz. Luna Medium CandleL'or de Seraphine $30 AT NEIMAN MARCUS

This jar is so stunning, it deserves to be on display all the time (even long after the candle is done). Another pro? This one has a heavy jasmine scent, which will evoke all the relaxing vibes. 

11THIS EUCALYPTUS ONEEucalyptus Spearmint 3-Wick CandleBath & Body Works $24 AT BATH AND BODY WORKS

Here’s another relaxing scent that may remind you of being in a steam room. Besides smelling amazing, eucalyptus oils also act as a decongestant. So if you have a cough or runny nose, hi, here’s your new best friend.

12this cedarwood oneBoy Smells Cedar Stack Scented CandleBOY SMELLS $32 AT NORDSTROM

Whenever you’re looking to catch some Z's, taking a whiff of cedarwood will help. This candle—with its snuggly, woodsy scent—will also make you feel like you’re cozying up by the fire while staying in a luxurious log cabin.

13This Chamomile, Cedarwood, and Ylang Ylang OneNEOM Bedtime Hero CandleNEOM $52 AT NORDSTROM

Speaking of sleep, here’s another tranquil scent to help you doze off after a long day. Aside from helping you achieve an unbelievable snooze, its various essential oils bring relaxation to a new level—and a whole other slew of benefits.

14this cinnamon oneEssential Oil Orange CandleAroma Naturals $10 AT AMAZON

This spice isn’t just for baking. Turns out, cinnamon is useful as an oil and may help stimulate circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and increase concentration. This candle also has notes of clove and orange, so it’s basically a pie. 

15this rose oneRose Noir & Oud CandleNest New York $70 AT SEPHORA

Feeling panicky? Smelling rose oil may help. Def light this Nest candle the next time you're feeling overwhelmed.

16This Orange OneInner Strength Candles $35 AT UNCOMMON GOODS

Yep, with its inspiring message, this heavenly-scented coconut wax candle will encourage you to tackle your day head-on. It’ll enhance any room with its fresh scent and remind you to take a step back and breathe.

17this Geranium oneClean Day Soy Candle, GeraniumMRS. MEYER'S $57 AT WALMART

This candle is super affordable, but you’ll definitely get more than what you paid for, as it’ll fill your room with a soothing geranium scent. A study suggests it has a calming effect and can effectively reduce anxiety. Oh, and also: It’s cruelty-free and comes in a recyclable glass jar.

18This Ylang Ylang OneYlang Ylang CandleMolton Brown $50 AT SAKSFIFTHAVENUE

With its sensational ylang ylang scent, this candle can enhance libido (IKYK), decrease blood pressure, and promote tranquility. Light it and prepare to unwind.

19this lavender oneAntidris Lavender CandleMaison Louis Marie $34 AT SEPHORA

Lavender gives off a soothing, comforting aroma that’s ideal for unwinding after tackling your never-ending inbox. It also has heaps of other good-for-you benefits: It improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and may even help alleviate headache pain.

20this peppermint onePeppermint BaddieBlk Sunflower $32 AT BLKSUNFLOWER.COM

Need a triple shot of espresso after the longest workday ever? Instead, try smelling peppermint to instantly boost your energy. Definitely light this candle before date night or virtual drinks with your crew at home.



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