You Need to Read the Bridgerton Book Series, Like, Now

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If you have already binge-watched all of Bridgerton (same!) and are now looking to fill the steamy 19th century English romance void in your life, don’t worry, because there’s an entire series of books ready to help you do just that. That’s right, in case you didn’t know, Bridgerton is actually based on a series of books by best-selling author Julia Quinn. There are literally thousands of pages' worth of promenading, stolen glances, and scandalous hand touching, all under the watchful eye of Lady Whistledown and her gossip paper.

Each one of the eight books in the series follows one of the Bridgerton kids and their (oddly dramatic) love life. The first book starts with Daphne and her, er, rough road to marrying the Duke, which was well documented in the first season of the show. Then the books jump to the oldest Bridgerton child, Anthony, and go down in the order of Benedict, Colin, Eloise, Francesca, Hyacinth, and Gregory for a total of eight books. If you start reading now, you can be one of those people who gets to brag about knowing what’s going to happen next, à la the Game of Thrones book readers, which, on top of the fact that these are amazing books that you won’t be able to put down is reason enough to start. And if there has ever been a time to dive into a world that has absolutely no relevance to 2020, it’s now.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below1The Duke and IAvon BooksNow 66% off $6 AT AMAZON

Season 1 of Bridgerton is based on The Duke and I, so if you want to be one of those “I preferred the book” people, you’re gonna want to read this ASAP. Plus, you’ll get to go through Daphne and Simon’s hot, hot romance all over again in descriptive literary detail.

2The Viscount Who Loved Me$8 AT AMAZON

Anthony Bridgerton may have spent The Duke and I having some, erm, trouble in the love department, but in this book, he’s London’s most eligible bachelor and it’s his turn to find some love. And, you guys, it’s honestly SUCH a good story. After Anthony chooses the woman he wants to marry, her sister (who actually kinda hates Anthony) very quickly becomes the woman he can’t stop thinking about. There’s one scene involving croquet (I know, how British) that’ll have you straight-up laughing out loud. 

(FYI, this book is sold out pretty much everywhere. The BUY NOW link above goes to the Amazon Kindle version!) 

3An Offer From A Gentleman $8 AT AMAZON

If you love a Cinderella-inspired story, then you’re REALLY going to love this book. Sophie Beckett may be the daughter of an earl, but her nasty stepmother has downgraded her to the role of a servant. But one night, she manages to sneak into the Bridgerton’s masquerade ball and twirls right into the arms of none other than Benedict Bridgerton. After the ball, he sets out on a mission to find the enchanting woman he met, but meanwhile, finds himself drawn to a ~mysteriously familiar~ housemaid.

(This book is sold out pretty much everywhere too. The BUY NOW link above goes to the Amazon Kindle version!) 

4Romancing Mister BridgertonAvon Books $9 AT AMAZON

Dear sweet Penelope Featherington is still in love with her best friend’s charming brother Colin Bridgerton. He just doesn’t know it yet. But when Penelope starts to uncover some of Colin’s secrets, she’s worried she doesn’t actually know him at all. And as Colin, who is seriously frustrated with Lady Whistledown’s gossip paper, will soon find out, Pen has some pretty big secrets of her own (wink, wink).

5'To Sir Phillip, With Love'HarperLuxeNow 41% off $13 AT AMAZON

Eloise is hands down the best character in the whole series (yeah, I said it) and now that she’s all grown up and earned herself the label of unmarried spinster, the now-widowed Sir Phillip assumed she’d be desperate for a husband. Eloise surprisingly entertains his marriage offer and travels to meet him, because, oh yeah, they’ve never actually met face to face. She secretly hopes he’ll be the perfect match for her, but reality is, uh, different.

6When He Was Wicked$70 AT AMAZON

Francesca Bridgerton has caught the eye of London’s most infamous playboy. And no, not in that way. In the full-on head over heels, I’m done chasing other women kind of way.  There’s just one problem: She’s supposed to marry his cousin in less than two days. It smells like some drama is brewing!

7It’s in His KissHarperLuxeNow 22% off $17 AT AMAZON

Gareth St. Clair’s father leaves him absolutely nothing of their estate except for an old family diary, but, it’s in Italian, which he doesn’t speak. Enter: Hyacinth Bridgerton. Her Italian is pretty good and she offers to translate the diary for Gareth. As they spend more and more time together uncovering his family’s history, what happens next, well, that’s amore.

8On the Way to the Wedding$8 AT AMAZON

Gregory, the youngest Bridgerton, believes in the magic of love at first sight, which is great, except that when he thinks he’s found it with Miss Hermione Watson, it turns out she actually loves another man. Thankfully, Hermione’s got a clutch BFF who teams up with Gregory to help him win her over. But through it all, Gregory might just realize that it’s not Hermione who has his heart after all.



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