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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s body language during their royal train tour was truly on fire.The couple’s new thing? “Gentle touches of affection.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William just completed their royal train tour of the United Kingdom, and it looks like they nailed it. At least according to their body language, which was giving off alllll kinds of romantic vibes.

Body-language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail that the royal couple projected a sense of “warmth and fun” thanks to “gentle touches of affection” and “looks of love”—which is pretty hard to achieve with masks, so good job, William and Kate.

“There has been a relaxing of the body-language rituals of William and Kate recently,” James said. “And it does appear to date back from Megxit, after which the remaining top-tier royals suddenly put in an effort to appear actively cheerful and upbeat and, in the case of the Cambridges, much more openly affectionate during their public appearances. It has appeared to allow William and Kate to relax a little more in public and to show some very authentic-looking glimpses of their relationship rather than forcing them to put on a fake performance for the cameras.”
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James took particular note of times during the train trip that William placed his hand on Kate’s back, saying he’s done so “as a gentle steering gesture in the past,” but this time, “he placed one splayed hand onto the back of Kate’s waist while they were just standing chatting to a member of the public, meaning it was a spontaneous touch of affection rather than a tie-sign to carry on walking.”

britains prince william, duke of cambridge and britains catherine, duchess of cambridge attend a toast your own marshmallow stall during a visit to cardiff castle in cardiff in south wales, on december 8, 2020, on the final day of engagements on their tour of the uk   during their trip, their royal highnesses hope to pay tribute to individuals, organisations and initiatives across the country that have gone above and beyond to support their local communities this year photo by chris jackson  pool  afp photo by chris jacksonpoolafp via getty images

Glad things are going so well between these two! Especially since their body language hasn’t always been as drama-free. Ahem:

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Kate shaking off William's hand on her shoulder during #ABerryRoyalChristmas

— Caitlin McBride (@mcbride_caitlin) December 16, 2019

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